Objective: Derive and benchmark your brand’s image

Consumers who express themselves online do not only have a potential influence on other consumers on their quest for information: by listening to their voice, insights regarding the status-quo and development of brand perception can also be derived. Simply counting key words, creating tag clouds, or drawing buzz and sentiment charts is unfortunately not sufficient. Listening to the consumer’s voice is more than that. Brand Network Analysis was developed at the University of Cologne in order to derive the maximum depth of insights from available online data by using a combination of state-of-the-art techniques in social network analysis, text mining and natural language processing.

"Die Meinung des Kunden zählt" (german)

Our method's origin and results

The brand network analysis method was developed at the University of Cologne, inspired by the established brand image measurement survey-based research tool: the brand concept map. The result of Brand Network Analysis is a network of topics, which reflect concepts that consumers on the Web associate with your brand. From this network you can directly read a brand’s three most important attributes:

  • Strong,
  • Favorable
  • And unique brand associations and thought patterns.


Process: highly customized analysis

The first stage of a Brand Network Analysis is the free pre-test, in which we evaluate the feasibility and reasonableness of a Brand Network Analysis study. Based on your individual preferences, our analysts then develop a customized research design with and for you.

If the resulting research design requires algorithmic adjustments and/or developments our software engineers develop additional modules to optimally map the research design. Using our own crawler infrastructure Web and social media data is then collected for you.

After that, our analysts work out a preliminary study of quantitative and qualitative information regarding how your focal brand was discussed online. These results are presented during a feedback session. From our experience this often results in new research and insight opportunities that are addressed in the following final analysis run.

If you like, you can have access to all raw and analysis data so the Brand Network Analysis is always verifiable and comprehensible.