You need data?

We can support you with our methods for public Web data collection either on a project-oriented or regular basis and provide you with ready-to-use datasets in the data format of your choice.


You have a use case or a set of your own tools, but are in need of proper Web and social media data? Is connecting to remote APIs is out of question? Is highest data quality your first priority?

Avoiding "garbage in, garbage out"

No analysis can be better than the base of data it’s built on. Our goal is maximize coverage and data quality by using a combination of the most sophisticated information retrieval and extraction methods:

Data collection

Instead of relying on a limited set of source sites, Insius collects all data available to search engines with focused crawlers leading to maximum coverage.

Content detection

Insius uses machine learning and computer vision algorithms to filter irrelevant page elements like navigation and ads in order to keep only the content-bearing text elements of webpages.

Topic detection

Keyword combinations like "continental and (tires OR car) NOT airline" are only partly useful in ensuring topic-relevant results of search queries. Keyword searches either don't catch all relevant results or catch too many irrelevant ones. By using advanced Information retrieval methods we ensure that only results matching your point of interest are returned.

User-generated content detection

If you want to hear the voice of the customer you are usually faced with the problem that user-generated content is mixed with professional and editorial content. Using adaptive algorithms, Insius data collection is able to tell apart professional from user-generated content at high accuracy ensuring that you are able to listen to the voices you are really interested in.